Welcome to Ouroboros Ponderosa


Welcome to Ouroboros Ponderosa, a blog about the spirit, anarchy, and what they mean to our lives.  We labor under the idea that “re-ligion” (literally “re-linking”) does not end with metaphysics or moral dogma, and “anarchy” does not end with merely being against heirarchy.  A healthy worldview should encompass the fullness of life, from the personal to the political to the philosophical, and methods for incorporating them into our hearts and minds.

Here you’ll find articles on DIY homemaking, healing arts, alternative history, spiritual philosophy, anarchist solutions, and all other orders of mystical meanderings drawn from all quarters of the space-time continuum.  Bringing the wisdom, health, and freedom of the spirit to the people is the essential mission of this blog.

Contact us at ouroborosponderosa@gmail.com


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