After a Long Rest, OP is Back in Action!

After almost a year of near complete dormarcy, Ouroboros Ponderosa is back at it again, bringing you the finest zines and articles for the mystical primtive anarchist inside us all.  We welcome submissions on topics from radical self-sufficiency to naturalist spirituality and anarcho-primitivism.  It’s been a beautiful year of roaming the roads and mountains without the slightest thought of a computer, but weather-driven and bush-beaten into civilized doors for the harsher of the seasons, we’ll have plenty of time to work on the blog, spreading the good word of beautiful birdsongs.  Get in touch, keep on reading, and say your piece (/peace)!

Two great articles from Carey welcome us back, one on the psycho-landscape of language, the other a fictional post-collapse memoire full of helpful hints.  Also, a new (old) zine from Yggdrassil Distro just made it onto the Chapbooks & Lit page: Derrick Jensen on Pascifism and Violence.  Yeeha!


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