The Wilderness…

The Wilderness, your family of fur and grasses. Why not help out your brother the ant? Drop him some crumbles of bread as you walk past. Walk lightfootedly, barefootedly if you can, follow the deertrails. Crash through the brush and swing on some treelimbs, who will blame you?

Follow the trails of the animals to the water, the water of life, the streams of rains and mountains. Follow the contours of the land to the water. The valleys form rivers as surely as the rivers form valleys. They did it together, at once, as one. The spirits of the trees, at once as one. The song of the birds, at once as one. The rhythm of the seasons and the sun and the stars everlasting shining upon you, at once as one. That One is God. God’s breath is the spirit and it breathes always through all of us.

We all share the same air and so we are all family. There are no bad people, only sick minds. There is no enemy, no darkness. The night is our gateway to the great beyond. The sun and its blue sky is but a cloud to the night, just as a storm is a cloud to the sun. Yet there is lightning in a storm which is the white of the sun which is the white of the moon and stars and the white of your teeth and your eyes.

But what is it that sees in your eyes? It is the darkness that sees. But do you dream in that darkness? Do you see when your eyes are closed? Well, does the sun shine in a storm? Are your bones white before they see the light of day? “Darkness within darkness,” says the Tao te Ching, “the gateway to all mystery.”

The light in the darkness. Listen for its sound, it is the silence behind all sound. Oberve its color, it is the very thing which allows you to see. Feel its body, you feel the warmth which is the breath of God, the very breath of all Life. The breath of the fire, the breath of the wind, the breath you breathe with your brother the ant, and your big brother Bear. The water you share with the Orcas. Wonderful. Wonderful! We are leaves on the tree of the cosmos.


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