New Literature Posted

The Chapbooks & Lit page has recieved some new entries, including some new anarchist zines filed under Primitivism and two whole new sub-sections.

The first is titled Books of Mayhem! which includes selections on cacheing, getaway driving, and lock picking, as well as a complete collection of the Poor Man’s James Bond (which includes guides to weapons making, martial arts, diy espionage, etc.).  Of special note are three titles from the one and only George Hayduke (aka. Edward Abbey).  These books include delightful methods of trickstering, monkeywrenching, and making homemade silencers, among other dirty tricks.  All these texts contain information that may be dangerous to your safety and others, so you should only use them if you are decidedly up to no good and/or bent on reckless gung-hoery.

The second new section is an extensive library of primitive skills, wilderness survival, and camping techniques.  I’ll expand on this by and by, hopefully with some flintknapping tutorials if I can rumage them up.

Now go out there and free the earth already!  And eat some crickets!  And set some booby traps!  For cryin out loud!

Hasta luego folks.


One thought on “New Literature Posted

  1. Note, I was obviously kidding about being reckless with this information. It’s extremely dangerous and this literature will not offer anything but a cursory view of its subjects. Don’t come to me with a patch on your eye and a peg on your leg and say I didn’t tell you so.

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