Two New Zines

I just posted two new zines on the Chapbooks & Lit page, ready to roll off the presses.  They are–

For Those With Visions of the Apocolypse: Hopi Prophecy and Revolution

This zine is addressed to all the people who have already seen the ruins, whether in devastating visions, longing daydreams, or right before their eyes.  It’s 2012, the year of prophecy, and more than ever we are not only afraid that we will see the world we know come to ruins, we desperately hope it will.  This may be a promising sign.  We are faced with a monumental choice: either abide by the laws of creation and live peace-fully, or continue to live as abberations to the spiritual laws which govern all life on earth and suffer the apocolyptic consiquences.  The Hopi (whose name means People of Peace) have been trying desperately to spread this message since the arrival of empire onto their land, and they have steadfastly defended their traditional way of life in order to preserve the balance of nature for the benefit of all life.  This zine is written to further their cause, to dispel fear, and to assure all that not only is a drastically different way of life possible, it is beautiful, universally healing, and necessary to remain on this earth.  For our ancestors, our unborn grandchildren, the wilderness, and the spirit.


Xin Xin Ming: Song of the Faithful Mind

Written by Sengchan, the third Zen patriarch of China, this is a classic treatise on returning to primal consciousness.  It dovetails well with John Zerzan’s “Langauge: Origin and Meaning”, “Running on Emptiness”, and “Silence”.  In case you were wondering what unreified, unmediated consciousness looks like, the Xin Xin Ming is a way to find out for yourself.  I recomment carrying it around as a daily meditation, to keep you sane.

Both are available in reading and print formats on the Chapbooks & Lit page.  Please print and distribute them if you have the ability.  I think it is a good time to focus some discourse on the inevitability of natural law taking hold–whether or not we are part of that transition.  Best wishes to you all, and send all your good thoughts to the Shoshone who are on their annual Walk and Run.  They started today from Tonopah and will end with a protest at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site on the 13th, celebrating Mother’s Day by asserting their right to the land and their intolerance of the United States to bomb and poison it.  Take good care.


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