How and Why We Propagate Trees & The Life of Johnny Appleseed

Prayer Tree of the Sun Dance

Prayer Tree of the Sun Dance

1. The Deep Virtue of Propogating Trees

In nature, all things large are contained in all things small.  In counting the rings of a tree, you count the years through which it grew.  The great cycles of the sun are there, which we call the seasons, written for plain eyes to see: ring upon ring upon ring.  The trees celebrate these seasons, stretching their arms towards the beautiful sky, as our ancestors did.  And our ancestors celebrated the trees, as in turn the trees celebrate our ancestors, who have fed their mighty roots by and by.  Ring upon ring upon ring.
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hitchhikers & the Circus of Flying Seeds!

Here’s a delightful site that I found while doing some research.  It talks about America’s hitchhiking plants (bane of every hiker’s existance!), catalogues methods and species of wind-riding seeds, and has all kinds of other awesome information.  Check ‘er out!

Wind Riders
The Dreaded Cocklebur!

Herbs for Allergies

It’s that time of year again, when the insects are tch tch tch-ing in the grass, the birds are hoopin and hollerin in the trees, the flowers are showing their delicate smiles to the sun, and we all know that spring is here.  The life force is returning to the land.  But it’s also the season for allergies as pollen fills the air with such abundance that some days the sky is hazed and yellow heaps appear in the streets and the nooks of rocks.  Good news for all the plants making sweet love under the reborn sun, but bad news for our immune systems as the foreigners find their way into our bodies.
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