Earth Spirit and Anarchy 

Techqua Ikachi


123HOMEFREE is a great organization out of Ashland, OR.  My buddy who runs this show is one smart cookie who knows all there is to know about DIY hobo innovation, backwoods living, and sustainable hoobiejoobie.  Check out some of his videos to get helpful hints on free living.

Challenging Civilisation

Yggdrasil Distro

A great zine distribution organization out of Portland who provide some of the finest primitivist guidebooks in zine form, along with guides to general meyham, direct action, and… roleplaying games.  Many of their pamphlets are available here on the Chapbooks & Lit page, but many more are only found on their wonderful wordpress site.

The Ascent of Humanity

This is an elaborate work of broad scope by a scholar named Charles Einstein which examines the evolution of the human sense of self, centered around primal spiritual union with the natural order and its descent into the isolation and illusions of advanced civilization.

Mischief and Mutiny!

A great anarchist blog out of Oregon.

Anarchy and Chaos

The demise of civilization isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

This is Primal War

Wylden Freeborne’s rockin blog.

End Times News

Starinar’s Indigenous Music Torrent Archive


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