Audio & Video

John Zerzan
The steadfast philosophical leader of anarcho primitivism today.

Yu Koyo Peya (a documentery on peak oil ft. JZ) (3 part)
John Zerzan on Property and Primitivism
JZ on Earth’s Global Crisis (8 part)
Is Technology Neutral?
Adventure of a Speck of Dust
Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers

John Zerzan’s Anarchy Radio Archive

Alan Watts
In the below lectures, theologian Alan Watts gives enlightening views on man and nature, the illusions of the social order, and primitivist psychology.  He’s perhaps the greatest rescource on anti-civilization theology to date.

Life is a Dance (animated by Matt Parker and Trey Stone)
Death (and government)
Divine Madness (and civil disobedience) (4 part series)
Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk
Faith in Nature
To Conform or Not to Conform (4 part series)
Conversation with the Mountains (4 part series)
On Money and Symbolic Thought
Kill the Buddha (liberation from religion) (forgive the awful music)
The Ceramic and Automatic Models of Existence (theist & atheist vs. taoist metaphysics)

Other Audio / Video

What a Way to Go: Life at the End of an Empire
The Story of Stuff
John Trudell: Crazy Horse
John Trudell: Tribes of Europe
Cheif Seattle’s Response to Washington
Cheif Seattle’s Second Response


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